Franco Manzin

Croatian artist Franco Manzin is a fine sculpture veteran. Plus, he’s one of the many ‘secret’ treasures of Vodnjan/Dignano, and the essence of his art reflects at best his own origin and inspiration.

As soon as Franco Manzin met the stone and the marble he felt in love with them, these are the materials the sculptor is (and always will be) deeply linked to. As he says, sculpting needs at the same time force and sensitivity, when you have to give life and motion to an apparently unformed substance; something which in reverse has already inside a precise soul. That’s the same figure Franco Manzin always releases from its previous ‘stone jealous hug’ (removing the odd parts) with able touches of his chisel

Franco Manzin puts a little piece of himself in every artwork he patiently carves, and his sculptures have been exhibited in solo and group shows mostly in Croatia and Italy.