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Brief Introduction to Music Festivals

Brief Introduction to Music Festivals

Music festivals are community events that are emphasized towards a performance at an area with dance and music that is...

Essentials for Planning a Trip to a Music Festival

Essentials for Planning a Trip to a Music Festival

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Brief Introduction to Music Festivals

Music Festivals

Music festivals are community events that are emphasized towards a performance at an area with dance and music that is often segregated as a performance-based on musical genres like jazz, country, classical, folk etc. Sometimes, they’re also based on the musicians, the locality or the event of a holiday. They’re held in arenas with tents and other roofed stages that are designed for the performers. The Ball Arena in Denver is an example of such an event venue. Apart from the music, drinks and dance, other attractions that magnetize the fans and music festival lovers include merchandise, vending, crafts, the performance of art, love for the artists or the musicians and many others.

Sometimes, these festivals are also accompanied by and accounted for charitable causes about social or political issues. While some of the music festivals like that from the rock are held once every year, the others are held for the charitable funds during different intervals of the year. Another type of these festivals is help for the purpose of education which is organized locally by the communities and the regions to benefit and enhance the popularity of rising musicians in the genre.

Music Festivals around the world

The world’s largest music festival is the one held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It is an 11-day event and is held annually since 1968. It attracts a massive crowd of approximately 1,000,000 people from all over the world every single year. The festival also hosts various genres of artists – approximately 800 from all the levels and countries.

The largest open-air music festival was also considered as the second largest music festival in the hold is the Woodstock festival that takes place in Europe. This festival has been conducted annually from the year 1969 with nearly 75,000 attendees every year.

The Roskilde Music festival held every year in Denmark is another famous musical event that attracts about 135,000 fans and spectators every year. This festival started as early as five years ago and has still managed to secure the position of the biggest non-annual Greenfield festival in the world.

When they’re measured by landmass, the Queensland music festival is one of the biggest in the sector of land-based music festivals. They’re headquartered in Australia, and they’re generally held over the period of one week, in July every year.

Music Festivals

Music festival genre

Since we’ve noted the popular music festivals that take place every year in different parts of the world, they’re majority segregated by the days, depending on the type of genre played each day. Some f the prominent and famous music festival genres from around the world are:

  • Jazz music festivals
  • Metal music festivals
  • Electronic music festivals
  • Refer to music festivals
  • Punk rock music festivals
  • Rock music festivals
  • Gothic or Goth music festivals

Depending on the genre of music, the festivals attract the type of crowd accordingly.

The Evolution of Music Festivals over the years


Music festivals are rapidly expanding trends in the field of dance and music. They’re a trend for today’s generation and an influence for the programmatic modifications. In today’s musical world, they’re the mainstream commodity that is adored by millions of young generation teens and adults. Prior to this, these festivals were traced back to the 6th century BC. They were believed to be originated in the Greek era with gatherings that comprised of music and competition.

However, the term music festival was coined together in the middle and the late 16th century, mainly derived from the word “feast” which meant to harvest. The inception of the music culture to the world was marked in 1952, with the advent of the Newport Jazz Festival in the Rode Island. During those times, nearly 13,000 people gathered around the artists like Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald to witness the entire jazz musical madness.

It was an educational summit in the morning and a destination for musical performance in the evening. Even during the earlier times of the advent of these musical festivals, the youth preferred to sleep in tents on the ground and location of the celebrations. A sibling festival was later introduced in the country named Newport Folk festival which was made by Bob Dylan. It was decided to be dedicated to the electric music that also marked as a remarkable change in the pop culture. The festival also introduced the crowd and apparently the world, to rock and roll music and revolution folk.

Timeline of evolution

Timeline of evolution

1967 marked the beginning of the Monterey Pop Festival in California which was also regarded as the first in the United States. The festival is known to have kicked the “summer of love” with a crowd strength of nearly 25,000 to 90,000 people.

In 1968, Milwaukee’s Summerfest was created, and it was exclusively for the North American population which extended for the longest if 11 days, attracting over 1,000,000 people from all over the world.

In 1969, the famous Woodstock music festival took place, which also marked as a change in the history of the musical genre. It also set foot into the realm of making financial gains by introducing people to the culture of music and musical festival.

The Burning man music festival was found in 1990, which marked a free-form of expression that manifested creative music through their arts and installations in the venue.

The rave culture of the music festivals was commercialized by the turn of the millennium and brought forward the result of the rave scene, artificial fog, laser lights, costumes and many of the traditional music festival cultures in an indoor party.

Bottom Line

From then, till today, the music festivals have faced the test of time, and it has only risen in terms of popularity and the number of festivals conducted per year. It has also introduced the world to new genre’s and artists from all over the world.

Top Country Music Festivals in The United States


The American country music has seen a drastic improvement in their style and musical instruments over the years, with new stars popping every other year. Due to the increase in this genre of music, the country music festivals in the US have always been reminiscent to that of the South. Yet, their popularity has spread widely across the entire country.

In this article, we’ve enlisted the best country music festivals of all times. Check them out!

Stagecoach festival

It was a five-day transformation festival at the massive California Valley that was converted into a Stagecoach country music festival. It took place this year in April as the Indio in California.

From flower crown and the theme of H&M branded red and white, white a blue attires, it was a massive success. People also wore the flowering sashes which comprised of the US flag. The entire event celebrated the birth of new country music artists and hence it was the year’s massive hit in the music festivals.

CMA Music festival

CMA Music festival

It took place in June in 2020 at Nashville. It was considered as the 49th annual music festival for all the Starts of the country music and their die-hard fans in the country. It was considered to be the simplest, yet the most affordable way to witness a music festival in the US. It took place around three different venues- the first one where are the booths were air-conditioned with comfort, the second at the riverfront with the best view of the artists on the stage and the third one at the Nissan Stadium which were labeled the best in the town. Every year, the festival shows off top country music artists from all over the world.

Faster Horses

This took place from July 17th to 29th at Brooklyn in Michigan. It is considered as the most significant three-day country festival in Michigan. Every year, it brings together almost 40,000 country music fans from across the world every single day.

Rock the South

Rock the South

This festival takes place every year in Alabama, and the 2011 April festival was an unforgettable one. This is because, during the time, the tornadoes ripped across the state and took away the precious lives of the country music fans. Over the years, it has grown to become one of the best in the city, and they have been donating their earnings to the relief funds and the needy.

Country Lakeshake

Every year, this music festival takes place in Chicago, and it is titled as an unforgettable fiesta of the country music and the country music fans. Every year, they host some of the best bands and artists in the country, which provides immense fun and expose to all the country artists in the US.