Interesni Kazki

Once upon a time… a duo of Ukrainian artists took the name of Interesni Kazki, which literally means ‘interesting fairy tales’, and still no doubt AEC and Waone know how to stick to this creative concept.

Even at the first look at their walls, the viewer gets caught-up in an oneiric marriage of weird characters and dreamlike creatures that seem to be at ease in surreal landscapes. Infact Interesni Kazki paints its fabulous world of semi-conscious reality with an obsessive accuracy in the details, in the colour shades and mostly in the hidden meanings. The recurring themes of this duo could be spirituality, God, love, humanity and everything in between; Interesni Kazki’s mural art reflects at best its inspiring inspiration.
Painting such astonishing artworks, AEC and Waone had the chance to exhibit and perform in countries and places like India, Mexico, Poland, California, Italy, Spain, France, Germany and Russia (and others too); as well as to publish their works in art books and magazines.